About Us

The name Kashmir evolved from two Sanskrit words Ka – which means water and Shimeera means desiccated so “dessicated land” , According to ancient history it is believed that the valley of Kashmir was submerged under an immense lake , and this lake was drained by a great Rishi or Sage named Kashyapa , the Grandson of lord Brahma one of the three of the holy Hindu trinity Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva. By cutting a gap in the mountains at Baramulla, to reveal this paradise on earth. Kashmir was a seat of Shivaism, until the Emperor Ashoka arrived there and introduced Buddhism followed by Turks, Afghans, Mughals, Sikhs and then the British. It was under the Mughal’s that lots of Persian influence was introduced in the Kashmir valley as many skilled craftsmen migrated to the Kashmir valley giving Kashmir it’s unique character.

This caused Kashmir to evolve into a vastly diverse culture which We kashmiri’s proudly refer to as “Kashmiriyat”, This also influenced the cuisine, which is distinct and one of a kind.

Kashmiri Hospitality is unparalleled, guests are referred, and revered as gods.

It is our endeavor to give every guest an experience of “kashmiriyat”

We pride ourselves in our cuisine, go beyond and above the normal in creating our food. We do not use generic off the shelf spice mixes in our kitchen, we buy whole spices and grind fresh batches every morning. Similarly we do not buy pre-ground meats. We procure the necessary cuts of meat and grind our meats in-house. Our guests can very easily taste the difference once they try our food.

Every dish on our menu is made from a scratch, therefore when you visit us for a meal please keep this in mind every dish is individually created by our Chefs and take some time to be finished, believe us our food is worth the wait.

Restaurant Kashmere is a family owned restaurant, Owned and operated by Harry, Sheena & their son Inesh Rai. Harry is a seasoned Food & Beverage professional with over 30 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry. They also own & operate The Spice Trail a multi award wining restaurant in Prince Albert Saskatchewan.